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"After being so rudely turned away at another funeral home, we reach out to Tabitha here at Samaritan funeral home. And she ended up being a god send. She was very knowledgable and empathectic to my situation 10 out of 10 would highly recomend."


"Eddy and Venitria were absolutely amazing. They helped my family with everything and were so kind and caring. I would highly recommend their services."


"We contacted this place and I am very pleased with their services. Edith helped me so much with literally everything. Eddie also helped along with many other employees there. I appreciate everything they did to make my fathers services the best we could considering the circumstances. thank you ❤"


"During my families darkest time Samaritan Funeral Home has been a beacon lighting the way. Respectful, helpful, patient the staff is incredible. They provided resources, talked through what would be best for our family while their composure, quiet rational words and knowledge gave us the support we needed. The ceremony we did for our father was exactly what we wanted. No pressure, no judgment. They kept us informed of where he was in while in their service and when he was cremated. They walked us through all the paperwork with compassion, answering all of our questions. They have been a resource after his cremation too. Splitting his ashes for spreading and providing info on how we can travel with him. Losing a loved one is so hard. The staff at Samaritan have been a trusted friend throughout."


"Fantastic place of business. Very professional services and staff they are able to take care of the needs of their patrons quickly and efficiently. A place where all questions are always answered, and if they don't know they don't make something up, they just say I don't know, let me look into that for you."


"We had a great experience with this place they do what it takes to get you through a tough time smoothly."


"Eddie and Ish just did a fantastic job making this as easy as possible for the family I can't thank u enough for all u have done I can't express in words how much I appreciate you all there at samaritan. Thank u again!"


"I lost my son Johnny Anderson and my mother Noreen Anderson and less than a year. They helped me with some special request. The people at Samaritan Phoenix where strong when I couldn't be with my son Johnny and my mother AKA" Mary "they helped me in many many ways they were patient kind helpful and compassionate and fair most of all fair. They will take the time they will listen. I thank you for everything Cindy and Christine thank you more than you'll ever know."


"They handled our case with caring and sensitivity. Would really recommend this funeral home! Prices reasonable too."


"My family recently suffered a great tragedy and we were in need of funeral services. Professionally, I work with grieving families and thought that if it was ever necessary that I would be able to provide support for my family. Sadly, that was not the case. I was completely heartbroken and felt overwhelmed by the process. Thankfully, I was aware of Samaritan Funeral Home through word of mouth as they came highly recommended by colleagues. Mr. Lopez at Samaritan Funeral Home was so incredibly kind, professional and took such great care of my family. I cannot thank him and his staff enough. My family met with several funeral homes and out of them all not only were they the most caring, they were also the most affordable option for our needs. My greatest respect goes out to these wonderful people who were somehow able to ease the great burden of grief and guided us in the most compassionate and gentle way."


"Eddy is amazing not the first time I’ve worked with him sadly, but he treats you like family. Great communication skills. Very helpful and informative. Will continue to use them whenever it is needed."


"My family has used Samaritan Funeral home twice. They're very compassionate, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services."