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Obituary of Artt Lyvell Sims

On 2/4/1970 Artt Lyvell Sims was born to Donald Anthony Stanford and Lee Valeria Sims who both preceded him in death. 


He attended  Whitney Young and George Washington Carver high school and graduated early and at the top of his class due to being extremely smart which he inherited from his father who graduated high school at age 16. When Lyvell was young, he was tested and had a scored IQ of 147. 


After graduating, he went on to serve our country in the Army and the Navy branches of the military. He received an Honorable Discharge due to a disability (RLS) incurred from an injury sustained during his service. He worked for the Union Pacific Railroad after his military career. He had many positions at the railroad but loved his last position as a crew member the most because he got to travel for free. He liked to travel and had visited and lived in many states in addition to Illinois such as Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia. Despite his residential situation, he supported his baby sister, Chiketa, in college by sending her letters of encouragment and finances. He also dedicated the last 3-4 years of life to getting to know his grandchildren closely and spending most of his time with them, building memories. 


Years after returning from the military, he studied accounting at Cortez Peter Business College and he earned a Bachelors Degree from Rend Lake College in Business Management. He later earned an Associates Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He opened Alyve Computer Services (ACS), and mostly used his expertise to help friends and associates with their hardware and software issues at little to no cost. 


He married Tyan Crump-Sims in 1991, who was the love of his life when he was young. When he tells the story, it was love at first site. From that union his first child, Alesiah Lynnette was born. Lifestyle choices were made that caused this marriage to end. He later married Donna Williamson-Sims in approximately 2006, who preceded him in death, leaving him a widower. He also had a son Arteveon Sims, age 20. He loved being a husband and a father. 


He spent most of his life ministering and pastoring, including his time incarcerated. He dedicated his life to God and helping heal and save broken and lost souls. He didn't speak openly much about his ministry as it was misunderstood by most, but the impact he made was radiant and will not be forgotten. Although widely misunderstood, Lyvell's life in "the streets" was very productive in his work for God. He spent much time blending in with those who were down on their luck and in despair as an Angel they could trust to receive the word from without judgement. He was a "walking church," as described by his daughter, Alesiah, and the people who needed the word the most accepted and received it from him because he was divinely placed amongst them. The last 2 years of his life, he assisted his daughter with opening her ministry and taught her much about God and healing, serving as her first believer and one of her greatest supporters and mentors. The miracles he delivered to people were truly mind-blowing and kept him abundantly blessed. Although he asked for much assistance over the years, he didn't care much for money as the assistance was usually for someone else or for himself after giving his last to someone in need. His generosity knew no bounds and he could never say "no" to someone in need. He was always willing to suffer the burden of hardship and judgement in order to help and free others from such burdens. His motto was "God first, those in need second, and me last," and he lived by it everyday. 


All loved his wonderful charming personality and the funny stories he told. One of his best friends was his 1st cousin Wilbert (Will) who was raised as an older brother to Lyvell as they lived and grew up together. They were notorious for teaming up together to signify and play the dozens against others making people laugh and cry at the same time. The 2 of them were inseparable and cared after each other. When he went off to the military, Will helped care for Lyvell’s baby sister (Chiketa). Additionally, when Lyvell’s 1st born (Alesiah) came, Will was a perfect uncle as he cared for her needs when Lyvell couldn’t, making lunches, transporting, clothing her, etc. There was nothing the 2 of them wouldn’t do for each other. They made each other laugh, mad, and held each other accountable. 


Lyvell was sickened with sickle cell as a child and had many severe episodes as he grew older. In his 30s, doctors told him he would only live to see 45 years old due to his sickle cell, and he beat those odds by 7 years! He had other health ailments he was inflicted with and didn’t share with all as he struggled to find coping mechanisms for relief. Although he struggled with drug addiction, he had gotten the courage to get clean prior to his demise. He had a heart surgery and never recovered, dying 2 days after the surgery on 1/26/2023. Either virtually or in person, he was surrounded by family members at his bedside: Alesiah, Lettisha, Toyla, Antonette, Chiketa, Tyan and Sebrena. 


He leaves to cherish his daughter Alesiah Sims-Williams, son-in-law Kentraye Donchez Williams, and son Arteveon Sims; siblings (listed youngest to oldest): Demetrius, Diana, Donna, and Chiketa (Germaine); and 4 grandchildren Trayevon (10), Arieanna (7), Karon Lyvell (6), and 1 more on the way (the name and sex of this child was shared with Lyvell just days before his surgery, but is not public to all at this time). 


His family was so big that in addition to his immediate family, he was an uncle to a host of nieces and nephews and had 2nd and 3rd cousins. He also leaves to cherish his 1 paternal aunt Thurmetta (Aunt Dee Dee), as all the rest of his maternal aunts preceded him in death. Because he is the first cousin of the 1st cousins to pass, we will list the cousins. He leaves to cherish 3 paternal cousins: Christine, Crystal, and Enda and 12 maternal cousins: Wilbert, Larry, Angie, Sebrena, Robert, Toyla, Lettisha, Ronald, Mechelle, Fallon, Phillip, and Nila. 


Lyvell was loved and will be missed. In his last months of life, he mentioned several times that he felt at peace and that his mission and destiny had been fulfilled. He died happy, proud, fulfilled, and ready for his welcoming party in Heaven. 



~A Poem Written by Alesiah Sims-Williams in honor of her father Artt Lyvell Sims (this was written for him a year before his passing to show appreciation for the unconditional love he gave her)~


Love is God's name

Love is the Force that moves the Universe

Love is the Creation of Mother Nature

Love is the natural instinct of all beings

Love is forgotten, misunderstood, and underrated

Those who've found True Love,

I'm so glad you made it.

Now it's time for us to go spread Love on a world where it's faded

Love is so absent from our land

It makes many question if God really made it.

Giving the devil too much credit

As if in the mind's of man isn't where he was created.

The devil has no power because Love is Source of Creation.

Love is Omnipotent, 

Love is Eternal and Unlimited

Love is bigger than man and all of his machines and senselessness

Love is the Way

Love is the Truth

Love is the Light

Love doesn't judge what's wrong and what is right

Through all adversities

Love is by your side

When your body and mind are tired

Love will take the wheel and drive 

Tune into your Spirit,

And Love will help you thrive

Allow Love to fill your vessel 


Cast your cares away to love and have a new life

At your lowest, 

Love will lift you beyond the sky

When you fall, 

Love will guide you to rise

Seek Love and freedom from pain

Love is one of God's many names.

~Alesiah Sims~



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